Morris Group International Releases Season 2, Chapter 1 Video on Founding Values and Principles

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA – March 4, 2022

Donald E. Morris, Chief Executive Officer of Morris Group International, explores the organization’s founding values and principles in a new video, available to watch now above, on the MGI YouTube channel, and on Morris Group University.

In this chapter, Don tells the story of his father, Founder Earl L. Morris and how he built the company from the ground up. “My Dad did the hard work on Morris Group. He built the foundation… To start with nothing and build something is that entrepreneurial spirit… Dad had it.”

The relationship between father and son embodies one of the values that makes Morris Group International what it is today: collaboration. Describing his working relationship with his father, Don says "We really worked well together... he was the engineering side, I was the idea/sales guy." But while each Morris had their individual talents, they didn't find themselves pigeonholed. "He could be a real good sales guy," says Don of his father, "and I could be an engineer.”

Together, in the thirty-seven years they worked together, father and son grew the company from 30 employees to 1,000 employees. Since assuming the position of CEO, Don Morris has continued to grow the company. “I’ve had the pleasure of building a little higher on Dad’s foundation.” Don continues to work toward a future of growth while remaining true to the values of a privately held, entrepreneurial company.

Watch the video above to hear the story in Don’s own words and look for more chapters coming soon.

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