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Acorn-Gencon Plastics provides superior injection molded product solutions for their valued customers. Acorn-Gencon offers engineered design services combined with comprehensive manufacturing capabilities to ensure the best project flow from concept to delivery to the customer.

Our highly skilled staff will evaluate and assist in your design and fabrication needs, whether you have existing tooling, or need to build new molds and fine-tune your product design for ease of manufacture. Contact us today to speak to a trained representative.

Jacqueline Morovati General Manager Acorn-Gencon Plastics Chino CA

Jacqueline Morovati

General Manager

Jacqueline Morovati has been in the plastic injection molding business for over 20 years, including owning and operating her own injection molding shop for 12 years.

In her 20+ years in injection molding, Jacqueline Morovati has developed and molded parts for some of the following industries: Electronic, Automotive, Appliance, Instrument, Military, Marine, Medical, Aerospace, Aircraft, Recreational, Semiconductor, Ad Specialty, Swimming Pool Maintenance Products, Window & Door Hardware, Packaging and OEM Components.

She has worked closely with customers on part design and with mold design engineers on mold designs to help develop quality molds that produce exceptional parts. Morovati has been working as Account Manager for Acorn-Gencon Plastics since June 2009.

Email: jmorovati@acorn-gencon.com