Now Available: New Acorn-Gencon® Machine List Video

Acorn-Gencon® is proud to announce the release of a new video showcasing why Acorn-Gencon is the industry leader in plastic injection molding!

View the video to learn why at Acorn-Gencon we are continually reimaging what innovation looks like, here from Jaqueline Morovati, General Manager, to learn about how Acorn-Gencon® offers a wide range of molding capabilities.

We have over 26 injections molding machines, the smallest being 55 tons, the largest being a cutting-edge 720 ton Toshiba with a 126 ounce shot capacity. In addition to machine load/unload, our robots and presses are able to perform additional tasks such as material removal, quality control, specification checks, surface inspections and much more.

Located just ten minutes outside of Los Angeles County, Acorn-Gencon is closer than the competition to many major distribution centers, including Amazon; Walmart; Bed, Bath & Beyond; and more. See for yourself why Acorn-Gencon molds the finest in the industry.

Your design, brought to life in Chino… not China.