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Mold Classification

When you build a mold with Acorn-Gencon Plastics, you will have to make a decision on what mold classification you want us to design your mold to. Typically, a high volume (millions of parts per year), multi-cavity mold with a long product life expectation will be built to the highest classification. Classifications designate the number of cycles the mold will repeat before the customer can expect to pay for “wear and tear” repairs.

Mold ClassMold Features
Class 101
(1,000,000 shots or more)
Stainless steel or H-13 steel cavity and core inserts; stainless steel mold base (prehardened).
Class 102
(up to 1,000,000 shots)
H-13 inserts, P-20 mold base.
Class 103
(up to 500,000 shots)
H-13 or P-20 steel inserts, 1050 steel base.
Class 104
(up to100,000 shots)
P-20 inserts, 1050 steel base.
Class 105
(Not exceeding 500 shots)
P-20 A & B plates; cores and cavities cut into plates (no cav inserts).