Seeking Injection Molders Mergers and Acquisitions

Merger and/or Acquisition Opportunities

Injection Plastic Molding Merger Acquisition Opportunities

We are actively seeking new projects / business. We are interested in speaking to injection molders that may be interested in selling or merging its assets / customer base.

Acorn-Gencon Plastics, LLC has maintained profitability through the Recession of 2008-2011. Our 30 years of business and strong corporate foundation has allowed us to thrive in this difficult market.

Acorn-Gencon Plastics is a member for Morris Group International. Visit the corporate website at:

Please contact Jacqueline Morovati if you are interested in pursuing your options in greater detail.
Tel: (909) 591-8461

Strength and Growth

  • 1972 Acorn Engineering started in the Injection Plastic Molding business with a relationship with Savannah Plastics.
  • 1996 Acorn Engineering purchases Savannah Plastics and forms Acorn Custom Molding, Inc.
  • 2001 Acorn Custom Molding merges with Gencon Plastics, Inc. to form Acorn-Gencon Plastics, LLC.
  • 2003 Partners with Campbell Plastics, Inc.
  • 2004 Acquires Dart Plastics,Inc.
  • 2009 Partners with Universal Plastics, Inc.