Injection Molded Product Solutions

Injection Molded Product Solutions

Acorn-Gencon Plastics provides superior injection molded product solutions for their valued customers. Acorn-Gencon offers engineered design services combined with comprehensive manufacturing capabilities to ensure the best project flow from concept to delivery to the customer.

Our highly skilled staff will evaluate and assist in your design and fabrication needs, whether you have existing tooling, or need to build new molds and fine-tune your product design for ease of manufacture. Contact us today to speak to a trained representative.

Design and Engineering

Learn about how our core competencies and skilled staff can help guide and support you in your injection molding projects.


We have 28 injection molding presses ranging from 55 to 650 tons. Learn more about our equipment in this section.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Our manufacturing services include parts molding, secondary operations, hot stamping and complete final assembly.

Quality Control

Our skilled quality control specialists and fully equipped quality assurance lab ensures minimal product defects. Learn more about how we approach quality in this section.

Resin Mold Shrink Rate

Find the typical mold shrink rates for the most commonly used resins in this section.

SPI Standards

Acorn-Gencon Plastics uses SPI standards to define finishes.

Mold Classifications

Classifications designate the number of cycles the mold will repeat before the customer can expect to pay for “wear and tear” repairs.


Our tooling department works extensively with our team of engineers to provide a superior service and end product to you. Learn more about our processes and capabilities in this section.

RealTime IQMS

Acorn-Gencon Plastics, LLC uses the EnterpriseIQ's RealTime Production Management system to monitor and track all aspects of manufacturing in true real time.