custom turnkey injection molded plastics services

Design and Engineering

Acorn-Gencon Plastics offers custom turnkey injection molded plastics services to a variety of industries. Our experienced staff is capable of taking an injection molding product or part from concept to finished product with our personalized services: concept, design, mold making and injection molding.

Services we offer include:


An essential element of our personalized service is product concept. We can work with you at any stage in the process from idea to existing drawings or blueprints. We will optimize your design concept for superior visual appeal as well as efficient and economical manufacturing.


Our staff is capable of handling and creating 2D & 3D AutoCAD, ProE and SolidWorks files to bring your idea to life. Once we have creating a drawing or model of your concept, our engineering staff works closely with our tooling department to ensure that the critical aspects of each mold are correct.

Precision Mold Making

During the mold making process, we are able to provide rapid prototypes using 3D printing and thermoplastic technology and review all aspects of mold design with the customer, complete with process and tooling troubleshooting, in order to ensure a high-quality, precise mold every time.

Injection Molding

Acorn-Gencon has 28 injection molding presses that can perform a variety of injection molding processes. We offer short lead times and have a stringent quality control process to ensure a high-quality end product. We also offer a number of secondary processes, including assembly, welding, stamping, packaging and machining.